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What British Animal Hospital clients have to say about us, their feedback is highly appreciated.
Thank you all for the wonderful feedback

British Animal Hospital is the best ever in st. 200, Dr. Karim Hegazy

Nahla ElNaggar

Dear Dr. Ahmed, I would like to express my appreciation of the enormous effort that Dr. Bishoy and Amr have exerted 2 days ago when they came to shave my monster-cat! I really was impressed by their courage and patience to handle my "lion" … What a great team! THANK YOU!

Michaela Biehal

بجد أنا فخور إني هتعامل مع حضرتك، معامله راقيه جدا و شكر ا لذوق أستاذ عمر كلمته الفجر علشان الكلب بتاعي و كان مش مضايق و ذوق بجد افضل الافضلين ربنا يحفظكم

Ahmed Mohammed Kamal

I only trust Vets For Pets, I have experience with them fixing errors made by bad vets! Dr Ahmed is fantastic. They have a branch in mohandseen and a branch in zamalek I can vouch for them and would never take animals anywhere else!

Anna Florence

من أفضل الدكاتره البيطريين في مصر , ربنا يوفقك يا دكتور

Mo A Ghany

Those people are amazing..they voluntarily checked a stray kitten that i found and brought to their clinic.. Thank you so much for your great service

Lana Ali

Thank you! 

Jessica Welser

شكرًا د احمد شكرًا د بيشوي شكرًا عمرو علي المجهود الرائع اللي الحمد لله جاب نتائجه ( فيونا ) وعائله المهندس مصطفي

Hoda Elkharadly

Thank you Dr. Ahmed Hesham El Nabrawy - Veterinary Surgeon & Dr Bisho for taking good care of Lilly the stray pooch rescue 

Sherif El Kadi

Thank you so much for everything you've done for Chanel and Snowflake! Chanel behaved very well throughout the flight and has been the star of the airport at Ataturk  Thank you million to you and Dr Bishoy. Chanel says hello to you both from Romania 

Adriana Romonti

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